All CASAL articles present in the catalogue are subject to the following general sales conditions:

Delivery terms: 60 days for standard products and 90 days for non standard products.

Delivery terms are merely indicative and not binding. They may be affected by availability of raw materials and causes of force majeure that may obstruct production.

Failure to respect delivery terms shall not in any way give rise to the payment of any indemnity.

Guarantees and tolerances: unless otherwise agreed and expressly mentioned in the order the quality and dimensions guaranteed shall meet the measurements and references listed in the sheet attached to our catalogue.

Claims: the customer has the obligation to check the quality and dimensions of the product before use; this having been stated any claim must be sent in writing within 8 days from the delivery of the goods. Only goods that are clearly identifiable and have not been used shall be taken into consideration.
If the claim is accepted we shall cover the repair, replacement (where possible) of the product or refund the price paid only for the quantity of product ascertained as non conforming; no other processing cost or any other cost shall be borne by CASAL. Any open claim shall not suspend the terms of payment.

Transport: at our charge for orders of at least one hundred kg.; for orders of less than one hundred kg transport cost shall be charged in the invoice. Goods must be checked on arrival and in case of damage or missing goods the necessary reservations and objections must be made on delivery to the carrier.

Weight difference: a tolerance of three per thousand is admitted on the weight declared by us; claims shall be taken into consideration only if documented by the “veritas slip” and mentioned in the Transport Documents.

Packaging: unless otherwise agreed and mentioned in the order the packaging used shall be decided by CASAL.
Payment: payment conditions for the goods ordered shall be agreed when the order is made. Interest of arrears at current interest rates shall be calculated on delayed payments. We shall also be authorised to suspend all other supplies and demand the immediate payment of all invoices including those not expired without prejudice to any other action to safeguard our interests.

Acceptance of orders: orders shall be considered automatically accepted by both parties if no written cancellation is sent in writing within three days of receipt of order.

Competent Court: any dispute concerning the transaction provided for by these general sales conditions shall be settled by the Court of Venice.