Characteristics of CASAL Hinges

Cerniera Quik Hinges

The QUIK hinge has a loading capacity of 65 Kg for a pair of hinges (100 Kg for the 3-wings version), and it was designed and made by CASAL in order to ensure rapid application and reduce the installation times, thanks to the way of the plate and steel pin are made up. The tolerances, between the sections can be taken up, facilitating installation on the doors. The use of the stainless steel for the pin’s anchoring plates and screws are the guarantee of product quality. It also distinguishes the validity of the firm CASAL which is truly market-oriented and intent on constantly improving the quality of it’s product and it’s services as well.

Cerniera Hercules Hinges

The hercules hinge was studied and designed for safety and armoured doors, thanks to its specific assembling features and a loading capacity of 140 Kg per pair of hinges. The plate covering the securing screws is fixed with a dowel from the inside of the hinge and can only be removed when the door is open. The components provided guarantee an easy use and a simple installation: spring fixing plate, guided by a threaded rod with diameter of 6 mm, and a template for the drilling (optional)

Reversible Open Joint Hinges

Reversible type hinges also known as Middle East Hinge are designed and made with a particular fixing system. In fact, in the materials provided there are 4 special stainless steel screws; the particular shape of these screws, once the hinge is screwed on, create interference on the door frame, considerably increasing hinge bearing capacity, which is of 80 Kg per hinge pair. In addition, the fixing plates in stainless steel furnished with, are knurling on sides to permit more fixing tightness. The results achieved are the fruit of technical tests that CASAL has conducted on all types of sections.