How to Choose the Right Shower Doors for your Bathroom

The right shower doors can transform your bathroom and give it a modern look. It is important to pick the right model, because it will be something you live with for many years. This article offers some tips on how to choose the right shower enclosure for your bathroom:

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a good option for people who have limited space. They’re also great if you want to create a seamless appearance with other doors in your home. Compared to other options, sliding doors are easy to use and require less maintenance than regular hinged doors. Sliding shower doors are aesthetically pleasing because they slide back and forth. The best part about sliding doors is that they’re generally less expensive.

Pivot Doors

Many people like the convenience of pivot doors instead of swinging doors. They’re easy to open, and they can be installed inside or outside of your shower. Pivot doors are also free-standing, which means that there isn’t any need for additional framing.

Hinged shower doors

Hinged shower doors are the most popular type of door because they’re easy to use and provide the most privacy. You can find hinged shower doors in different styles, like frameless or semi-frameless. Semi-frameless doors are more affordable and fit well in small bathrooms, but they don’t offer as much privacy as frameless doors.

Casal Hardware for Shower Enclosures

Now that you’ve acquired all this necessary information about setting up a beautiful shower enclosure for your bathrooms. Casal offers architectural hardware for all kind of shower enclosures in various specification and finish. Get in touch with our team to choose the best one suited for you