Choosing the Right Hardware for Doors & Windows

Doors and Windows are an important element in any building structure. They reduce energy costs, improve ventilation and make the interiors more comfortable. That’s why its important to learn about the major components of doors and windows. Choosing the correct door hardware help make your life easier.

Each and every doors and windows consists of several hardwares such as handles, window extrusions, fasteners, hinges, locks, hooks, number plates, and glass. Architectural hardware includes categories, such as entrance door hardware, commercial pull handles, railings & standoffs, door locks, patch fittings, hinges, aldrops, and others. Architectural hardware enhances the appearance of the building

Performance of a window is directly related to the choice of correct hardware and systems. It is highly important and advisable to consider the below-mentioned points to avoid application failures:

  • Does the hardware suits your window frame size?
  • Does the hardware fit into profiles without additional machining?
  • Does the hardware come with life cycle info?
  • Does the hardware meet the required energy efficiency ?
  • Does the hardware meet the expected corrosion resistance ?
  • Does the hardware meet the basic security requirement?

A door with the right hardware serves the purpose; without it, the door is merely a plank of wood / panel. The right hardware including hinges, door closers, handles, locks and accessories, when installed, provides the true functionality of security and convenience to a door or a window. Hardware should be chosen carefully for their reliability, technical performance, aesthetic appeal and value for money.