Things To Know About Aluminium Window Stay Arms or Friction Hinge

Aluminium Window Stay Arms or Friction Hinge is an important part of a window system, which can’t be missed. It ensures that the window stay close for security needs and avoid windows shake when there is strong wind.

Uses of Window Stay Arm or Friction Hinge

Window stays are used to keep the window in a desired position. They attach to the window frame and hinge or windowstop on the inside of the window frame. The friction hinge is a type of hinge that utilizes friction as opposed to metal pins, screws, or springs. It can be used with either aluminium or wooden frames.

Benefits of Friction Hinges

Stay Arms and Friction Hinges are used to prevent the weight of a window from bearing down on the window frame. They also protect from interior damage. Aluminium top hung stay arms are lighter and easier to install than steel ones, which makes them a good option when upgrading an older home.

Types of Friction Hinges

Standard Friction stay hinges, Restricted Friction stay hinges and Restricted friction stay hinges are the most common window hinge available Get in touch with our sales team to know more about the features and specifications of Casal Friction Hinges